I enjoy cruises, and through the years, I have met many "cruise people". They love cruising. I know a man whose goal is to visit 100 countries. When I last spoke to him, we were on a cruise that would take him to two new countries: 97 and 98. For him, the primary reason for cruising is the destination. Others cruise, however, for the sheer joy of cruising. They love the whole cruise experience: the dining, the shows, the lure of the sea, and the high level of personal service. It’s the cruising itself that calls them year after year — some don’t even go ashore at ports of call.

If you have cruised, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, now is a good time to discover why so many travelers are enamored by the experience. Perhaps these Cruise Tips will answer some of your questions. In addition, our agents have traveled on all of the major cruise lines to many of the most popular destinations. They would be happy to help. Cruising is the only vacation where getting there is at least half the fun!

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