Walt Disney World covers more than forty square miles. Its size alone can overwhelm guests. The major parks are the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Studios, and Animal Kingdom. California’s Disneyland, by comparison, could fit in the parking lot of Epcot. There are theme parks, golf courses, water parks, and more than a dozen hotels on site. Disney World is the ultimate family vacation.

You need to decide when to go, how to get there, where to stay, how long to stay, and so on. To help with these decisions, you should take time now to learn more about Disney World. A good way to start is by talking to your friends. Ask them what they liked, and more importantly, ask them why. No two families are the same, and what appeals to your friends might not be as interesting to you. Disney offers options to satisfy every preference and budget. You need to evaluate these options yourself.

There are two excellent references: the official guide to “Walt Disney World” by Birnbaum and our favorite the “Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World” by Sehlinger. Both books contain a wealth of useful information. They are available in paperback at most bookstores. With one of these reference books and the suggestions in our guides, you are ready to plan your dream vacation.

Maybe it’s an illusion or maybe it’s Disney magic, but visitors all agree: a Disney World vacation is an unforgettable experience.