The Value Resorts are the three separate All-Star Resorts and the new Pop Century Resort. The All-Star Resorts offer value with imaginative movie, music, and sports themes, economical food courts, bizarre pools, and the same privileges as other Disney guests. They are one of the closest resorts to Animal Kingdom and Blizzard Beach. Access to all parks is by bus. These resorts are designed for value conscious guests, and they are very popular - we suggest that you make reservations at least six months in advance.


Celebrate the active life at this bright, whimsical complex that puts you on the field as both participant and spectator. Let your imagination run free as you enjoy the adrenaline rush of staying and playing among larger-than-life icons of surfing, basketball, baseball, tennis, and football. Nothing is too outrageous for these resorts: the football helmets are stairways.
All-Star Sports

Be a little bit country, a touch of jazz, a Broadway baby, a calypso crooner, or a whole lotta rock n' roll. Whether you prefer bolo ties, maracas, or a top hat and tap shoes, enjoy all the oversized icons of the song and dance biz at this whimsical resort. The three caballeros clown around in one pool; the other pool has the shape of a piano.
All-Star Music

This resort salutes the legends of Disney films — from Herbie, the lovable VW Bug, to the spotted pups of "101 Dalmatians", to the playful residents of Andy's Room. Imagine yourself under the bright lights of the silver screen, as the headliner in your very own all-star adventure! Here the sorcerer's apprentice cavorts with the elements.



At Disney's Pop Century Resort, you can travel back in time to visit decades of the 20th Century! From jukeboxes, bowling pins, rubik's cube, and 8-track tapes, to laptops and cell phones, you are surrounded by the memorabilia, crazes, and catch phrases that defined the 20th century. Each building is a larger-than-life time capsule of pop culture for a trip down memory lane.


Pop Century