The Epcot resorts are the Beach Club, the Yacht Club, the Boardwalk, the Swan, and the Dolphin. These resorts are located along the waterway that connects Epcot to the Disney Studios. Guests at these resorts have the best access to these two parks. You can ride a launch to either of them, or you can walk from your room into Epcot via the International Gateway. These resorts share an entertainment center at the Boardwalk, and although it lacks the variety of Pleasure Island, it is certainly more convenient.

Parents with young children tend to prefer the Magic Kingdom resorts, but these are also excellent choices. The best evening show for young children is Fantasmic at Disney Studios, and both Epcot and Disney Studios have some great shows and attractions for children. These resorts are also closer to Animal Kingdom, another great park for children.

Reflecting the splendor of a 19th century seaside resort, the Beach Club is a place to lay back and kick your feet in the sand. It is the closest resort to Epcot - you can walk to the park in just a few minutes. It has the distinction of sharing the best pool in Disney World with the Yacht Club, and it's a short walk to the Boardwalk entertainment area.
Beach Club Resort

From the lighthouse to the wreck of an old sailing ship on the beach, the Yacht Club embraces a nautical theme. The gorgeous, mahoghany paneled lobby is a gathering spot for guests to share tales. On one of our visits we shared the concierge floor with the stars from Full House - they were filming in the park. Bob Saget showed us how to use our room keys in the elevator to access our floor.
Yacht Club

The Boardwalk Inn and Villas wrap around a boardwalk entertainment center along the waterfront. It is an exciting resort with very attractive rooms. The boardwalk includes an ESPN Sports Bar, a microbrewery, and a dance hall. Nightowls party until 2:00 AM, but the noise can disturb light sleepers. You might prefer a quieter room location.
Boardwalk Inn

The Swan and Dolphin hotels are part of a convention complex, and they have one of the most striking designs that you will find anywhere. They occupy a gorgeously landscaped site and are crowned by huge sculptures of swans and dolphins. They are not Disney resorts, and guests do not necessarily have the same privileges as other on-site guests.
Swan Hotel

The Swan and Dolphin are convenient to Disney Studios and to Epcot, and they provide guests a deluxe, on-site alternative to the Disney resorts. The whimsical design and colorful interiors enhance their appeal.