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Guests have a choice of three great fireworks shows: Wishes at the Magic Kingdom, Illuminations: Reflections at Epcot, and Fantasmic at Disney Studios.
WISHES: Magic Kingdom
This spectacular new musical fireworks show lights up the sky over Cinderella Castle. It begins with a flight by Tinkerbell from the castle turrets to Main Street. The lights are beautiful at night, and Cinderella Castle is a perfect backdrop for the show. This is unquestionably the best fireworks show ever - it even has star-shaped starbursts. For good viewing, we have two suggestions: the terrace by the Plaza Restaurant or the bridge to Adventureland. Of course the center of Main Street would be best, but it's jammed.
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This nightly show happens around the World Showcase Lagoon in Epcot. It combines music, fireworks, laser images, enormous gas torches, and colored lights to create a sensational effect. Pick a spot where you can see the "Reflections Of The Earth" on the sphere that is floating in the lagoon. We like the bridge between France and the United Kingdom. You can avoid the crowds by using the International Gateway to leave Epcot. If you are not staying at an Epcot resort, however, you must take a cab from the Beach Club resort to return to your hotel.

Illuminations: Reflections

FANTASMIC: Disney Studios
A huge outdoor amphitheater houses this spectacular evening show. Guests peek inside Mickey's dreams where Mickey and friends combat some of Disney's most evil villains. This nightly show dazzles with searing pyrotechnics, walls of water, brilliant lasers, and a musical score of classic Disney themes. The grand finale features many of the Disney characters. The special effects might be too intense for some young children. Seating begins two hours ahead of show time.
Suggestions: It is hard to compare the shows; they are totally different experiences. Young kids prefer Fantasmic - it's seated and it is the only one that has the characters. Wishes is absolutely extraordinary, but the streets are crowded, and small children will have trouble seeing it. Illuminations is also a great show, primarily because of its state-of-the-art technology.