Barbados Beach
Vigeland Park
Oslo Viking Ship

Get out and see the world. Do you know where the pictures on this page were taken? How about some hints: 2 are from Norway, 2 from the Mediterranean, 2 from the Caribbean, 2 are from Europe, and 2 are from the USA. If you have not traveled internationally, look what you've been missing. Consider dipping your toe in the water with an international cruise. Visit exciting foreign ports of call, and return to the comfort of your stateroom each evening. Don't worry about finding a restaurant for dinner; great meals are always available on your cruise ship. You will enjoy no hassel traveling because the cruise line plans your itinerary and arranges your shore excursions. When you need a little down time, you can enjoy the fabulous amenities aboard ship like a spa treatment. Last and certainly not least, a cruise is often more economical.

Now back to my original question. The above photos are ones that I took when visiting Norway and Barbados. The Barbados trip was in conjunction with a Cunard cruise. The photos in the column on the left were provided by cruise lines, showing you that cruising is a great way to get out and see the world. My thanks to Cunard, Holland America, and Princess for letting me share their photos with you. Oops, the beach picture on the left is one I took on a trip to Cape May. I just loved all the clutter that this couple brought to the beach.

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